Psalmful Journal
Psalmful Journal
Psalmful Journal
Psalmful Journal
Psalmful Journal

Psalmful Journal

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The Psalmful Journal is not your typical gratitude journalwhat makes it unique are the Biblical affirmations, thoughtfully selected from Bible verses and rephrased into first-person affirmations. 

Speaking God's truth over your life through affirmations lays a solid foundation in your subconscious mind about the truth of your identity in Christ. Devote just a few minutes of your day to draw nearer to Christ and bring God the honor He deserves. 

Create a more joyful everyday living and a brighter future by focusing on what you currently have and practicing gratitude. These habits will strengthen over time and create a natural pattern of becoming kingdom-minded.

In The Psalmful Journal, you will discover:

  • Daily personalized Biblical affirmations to speak over your life and write down
  • Prompt for 3 things you’re grateful for every morning
  • A consistent Bible-based morning and night journaling routine
  • Prompt for reflection and counting your daily blessings
  • A collection of your own recorded lessons of wisdom from each day
  • Daily prayer requests to record—later to reflect on how far God has brought you

Boost your spiritual wellness by practicing gratitude and giving thanks to your Maker with a simplified morning and evening routine. Practice daily prayer, counting your blessings, and more!